Forests need true inhabitants. Everybody can walk among trees in a woodland, but not everybody is able to enter into the forest. This does not mean some people may not deserve it. This only means that coming back to a state in which, for example, we appreciate the oxigen as the breath of the green leaves is not an easy and exposed path. Only true forests inhabitants can lead you to that state. This is a very good start: realising how important this is, how important is to find a forest true inhabitant around you. The second step is to identify them. Maybe you are one of them and yet you don´t know it.

So now let´s understand why this is important… This is important because, thanks to them, you can get back to the forest. But maybe, at this point, we must stop, and let you find out, on your own, and maybe not now, why it is so important for you to get back into the forest. Try to discover it.

In the meantime, let me introduce you a good bunch of them, forests true inhabitants, cause that is the best way I have to help you understand how they are and how you can identify one.

Let me start with a very recent one that, as a tree, appeared from a forgotten seed.

Since born, in 1957, he has moved over 100 times, what helped him to develop a very deep-seated belief in independence and freedom, which informs everything he does and thinks: Freedom means that our world is our responsability.

He spent his childhood as a wild, barefoot boy on a wild, remote island in the Mediterranean. Pretty close to paradise and where the hippies decked in flowers and smelling of hash. That was a wild, psychedelic time for a wild, barefoot boy. That made him understand that freedom starts in the mind and spreads from there.

At that time he was already aware of a conscious presence in the mental world that only interact with physical world in a very special circumstances.

After that they moved to mainland Spain where he rode horses and contacted the presence through telepathy in companion with other wild youngsters. Then he tried to be a rock star. Found his second love. Helped in drug rehabilitation. Finally found his great passion, writing. Had two daughters. Experimented academia. Became an Incorporated Linguist, a barrister, a psychologist, and a Master Practitioner of NLP. The presence stepped back and allowed him to grow and explore in wider directions.

In his way back where he lives today he encountered death and violence in ways that gave him a deep insight into the nature of life and death.

And just today he was introducing a couple of good friends of him who help him in the hardest and most unclear moments. And this must be taken as a guidance, an advice to follow, or, at least, to comprehend, to absorb, to keep as does the soil with the forgotten seeds, so one day it can flourish in your life as your own awareness, your own experience, helping you to find yourself as a real forest inhabitant.

Conor Corderoy:

«I’d like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine. This is Mother Oak. She sooths me and counsels me when I am feeling troubled or alone. I sit on her lap and she strokes my head and whispers in my heart. She is good.


And this is Grandfather Oak. He has an amazing beard that makes mine look like a teenager’s. He is very, very old and he likes to sit with the Earth and drink a pint of ale and smoke his pipeweed, and laugh quietly at how foolish people are. He doesn’t counsel me or sooth me very often. He is too wise and too ancient to get involved in human madness.


I like to visit them sometimes, especially when I am overwhelmed with the feeling that time is short. They remind me that time is not real. Time is just our ever-changing experience of now. And these two friends are always now.

They are just up the road from me, about fifteen minutes walk. I am lucky, you’re right. And, shshshsh…they DO talk to me!«

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